Supercove lightweight coving has exactly the same appearance as Gyproc cove however it is far easier to handle cut & fix: Price Ex VAT


Cove Length: *

More Details

SuperCove Coving 127mm x 3.0mts / 4.0mts Long,

SuperCove has a smooth, plain, concave surface and is available in 3mts & 4mts Long,

Once used you will never return to the heavier more easily damaged plaster coving, SuperCove saves frustration when cutting and fixing,

Product Information:

  • Tradesman & DIY friendly product,
  • Manufactured in the UK,
  • Outperforms traditional plaster coving,
  • Lightweight - One person can install even 4 metre lengths,
  • Does not damage easily like plaster & polystyrene,
  • Easy to cut it does not crumble like plaster,
  • Polyurethane core,
  • Super fine & looks exactly the same as plaster cove when fitted,
  • No priming required,
  • Fix using SuperCove adhesive 310ml cartridge,
  • Pre formed internal / external corners available,
  • Size: 127mm,
  • Lengths: 3.0mts, 4mts.