EPDM Black or Anthracite edge trim for rubber roofing in 2.5mts: Price Ex VAT


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Edge Trim 2.5mts For Rubber Roofing

Colours: Black, Anthracite,


  • Designed incorporating its own water-check kerb to be installed around the perimeter of a flat roof to direct water towards the gutter edge.
  • Colour fast as it is extruded using virgin plastic, is non brittle, ensuring profiles are identical, and manufactured BSI quality assured to 99.9% accuracy. 
  • Bond and Seal must be used to form a seal between the trim and the EPDM. 
  • Use Polypins to fix the trim into the fascia board. 
  • Injection moulded corner pieces and end caps are used to finish any open edges.
  • This trim is for use with most flat roof membranes.