Decking Screws Colour Matched 75no x m5 x 63mm or Loose Screws Available For Eva Last I - Series, and Apex HD Composite Decking (Non Discount Product): Price Ex VAT


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Eva Last Colour Matched Composite Decking Screws


Eva-Last® has developed a range of complete and durable specialised systems that work together with Eva-Last® composite products to ensure the stability and longevity of your deck.

Eva-Last® exclusively recommends HULK screws to provide the strongest and most durable fix for both wood and steel.

HULK screws are specially coated and designed to fasten clips to a substructure, but can also be used in many other wood and steel fixing applications too.

Application: For fixing square edged composite decking, and for starting off a run of all Eva Last composite decking profiles