Costs 50% Less Than The Same Volume Of Logs - Softwood Firewood Bargain BIG BAG! Clean Kiln Dried Produced by Ourselves From Reject Profiles Cut to 200mm Long Supplied in a Net Bag 12" Wide x 21" Tall x 8" Deep. It Isn't Pretty Like Logs But Who Cares With The Cost of Energy Being what it is: Price Includes Fuel VAT 5%


More Details

Big bag of softwood firewood produced by ourselves from rejects

Excellent value not pretty like logs but burns well

Ideal for mixing in with traditional logs costs 50% less per volume in comparison to logs

Product Information:

  • Mix with logs keep that fire burning cheaper & longer
  • Kiln dried redwood pine
  • There will be variations in the profiles supplied
  • Does not! include treated timber
  • Generous amount supplied
  • Profile of timber supplied: rejects could be anything
  • Supplied in net bag 21" high x 12" wide