Concrete Facing Brick Suitable For Use in Foundations, Boundary Walls and Externally Above Ground Level (Non Discount Product): Price Ex VAT


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Concrete Facing Brick Gower Slate (Grey)

Facing bricks are manufactured by blending selected dense aggregates and colourfast iron oxide pigments with Portland cements.
Their low porosity, frost resistance and age hardening properties make them eminently suitable for use in foundations, boundary
walls and externally above ground level, regardless of the severity of exposure.
The bricks, which are solid, are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011:

Size: 215mm Long x 102.5mm Depth x 65mm Height

60 Bricks per sq metre (Including 10mm mortar joint)

CONFIGURATION: Solid (no voids/perforations)
COMPOSITION: Selected Dense Aggregates and Portland Cements
DRY DENSITY: Average 2170 kg/m3
DRY WEIGHT: 3.0 3.2kg approximately
COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: >22N/mm2 mean. Air dry.
1.59 W/mK 1.70 W/mK

DURABILITY: Based on tabulated values from BS 5628-3, Table 12, facing bricks are classed as frost resistant.