Perforated Land Drain Pipe Fitting Coupler / Joint (Black) 100mm Diameter: Price Ex VAT


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Land Drainage Perforated Pipe Fitting Joint / Coupler 100mm Diameter

Land drains allow water to flow into a pipe in waterlogged areas where soil is saturated either due to the type of soil or how much rainfall there has been.

The perforations in the land drain pipe plus a layer of aggregate on top allows water to flow naturally through the aggregate, and into the perforations of the land drain pipe.

 Land drain has a layer of loose aggregate or shingles surrounding it allowing the water a clear direction of travel into it, therefore avoiding entry of saturated, and compacted soil.

The water in the land drainpipe which is set at a gradient then flows to a designated disposal point such as a nearby stream, storm drain, or soakaway (sometimes local authority permission must be sought).