Polystyrene Insulation Sheets 2400mm x 1200mm in Various Thicknesses from 25mm to 100mm: Price Ex VAT


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Insulating polystyrene sheets 1200mm x 2400mm x 25mm thick / 50mm thick / 100mm thick

Product Information:

  • Easy to cut to size using a sharp knife
  • Very cost effective and entirely rotproof when correctly installed
  • Effectively insulates wall areas which minimises heat loss and reduces energy bills
  • Lightweight and easily handled for easy installation
  • Can be used underneath concrete slabs in solid ground floor constructions, and also above or below damp proof membranes
  • Manufactured from expanded polystyrene board
  • Sheet size:  1200mm x 2400mm
  • Thicknesses available: 25mm / 50mm / 100mm