Westland Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra For Effective Control of Broad Leaved Weeds Available In 1 litre & 3 litre: Price Ex VAT


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Westland Extra Resolva Lawn Weed Killer 1 litre / 3 litre

Product Information:

Resolva Lawn weed killer extra ready to use is excellent for effective control of broad leaved weeds on lawns which includes dandelions, daisies, white clover, yarrow, buttercups, plus others.

  • Kills the weeds not the lawn
  • Effective on broad-leaved weeds such as clover, daisy, buttercup and dandelions
  • Kills right down to the root
  • Contains mecoprop-P and dicamba
  • Zero glyphosate
  • Sizes 1 litre and 3 litre

When to Use:

  • Should be applied from April until the end of September
  • Use on warm sunny days on sufficiently developed plants
  • Avoid treating during dry periods or when rain is expected within 24 hours
  • Not to be used on new grass for 6 months after sowing
  • Treatments must not be made immediately after mowing
  • For best results the product needs to be applied at least 5 days after the last mowing and then wait 7 days after application before mowing again

 Where to Use:

  • Not to be applied to individual weeds more than once per year and also avoid multiple applications to the same area
  • Extreme care has to be taken to avoid spray drifting onto non-crop plants outside of the targeted area