Heavy duty straight galvanised restraint straps 30mm wide x 5mm thick in various lengths: Price Ex VAT


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Restraint Straps Straight Various Lengths Galvanised 30mm Wide x 5mm Thick,

Product Information:

  • Lateral restraint straps heavy duty,
  • Material: Galvanised steel,
  • Lengths available: 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm,
  • Width: 30mm,
  • Thickness: 5mm,


  • Use specified fasteners,
  • Spaced not more than 2 metre centres and attached to at least 3 timber members via the use of noggins and packing,
  • Fix to timber members using the correct fasteners,
  • The bend length should be no shorter than 100mm, and should be positioned at the centre of an uncut brick or block,
  • Vertical restraint strapping should be at least 1 metre in length,
  • When straps are fixed to masonry use either hardened nails 4mm x 75mm long or wood screws into plastic plugs 5.5 x 50mm long,
  • The lowest fixing needs to be located within 150mm of the bottom of a vertical strap.