Sika® Brick and Patio Cleaner 5 litres, a fast acting acid based cleaning solution for brickwork, concrete, and paving: Price Ex VAT


More Details

Sika® Brick and Patio Cleaner,

Is a fast acting, acid based cleaning solution for brickwork, concrete and pavings,

Easy to use, with a powerful formula which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt, efflorescence and most,

paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, stone and paving materials,

Product Information:


  • Cleans stains from brickwork, natural stone, concrete and earthenware,
  • Cleans stains from patios, garages, and factory floors,
  • As a stain remover for brickwork & concrete,

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Removes mortar, cement, efflorescence,
  • Stain remover,
  • Fast acting acid based formula,
  • Easy to use,
  • Can be diluted to suit requirements.