Superfoil SF19+ multifoil insulation 10mts x 1.5mts x 45mm (15 sq mts): Price Ex VAT


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Superfoil SF19+ Multifoil Insulation 10mts x 1.5mts x 45mm (15 sq mts) Roll,

Product Information:

  • SF19+ multi-layer foil insulation is an advanced version of SuperFOIL's favourite reflective insulation SF19 for use in roofs and walls for both new build and retrofit applications,
  • SF19+ benefits from improved performance and uses the advanced production techniques as developed for their other new products. SF19+ achieves R values of 2.97 for walls and 2.49 for Roofs,
  • Providing better options and solutions as low as U0.10,
  • Length: 10mts,
  • Width: 1.5mts,
  • Roll size: 15m2,
  • Thickness installed: 45mm,
  • Weight per roll: 13kg,
  • Thermal resistance,
  • For pitched roofs: 2.49m2 K/W,
  • For walls: 2.97m2 K/W,
  • Core R value: 1.54m2 K/W,
  • Layers: Polypropylene reinforced heavy outer laminated foil layers (x2),
  • Aluminium coated reflective foil PET layers (x4),
  • Loft quilt layers (x5),
  • Total number of layers: 11.