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Supercove (Lightweight Polyurethane Cove) 4mts x 127mm
Supercove (Lightweight Polyurethane Cove) 4mts x 127mm Supercove lightweight coving 127mm and adhesive

Looks identical to plaster cove

Easier and cheaper to fix than plaster
Less waste and does not damage like plaster or inferior polystyrene
Less mess easier to cut, and does not crumble
Easy to handle one pack weighs less than one length of plaster
Super fine lines and sharp edges impossible to distinguish from plaster when installed
Fully paintable with no need to prime.
Fixes the same as for plaster (but requires less adhesive and no pinning)

£6.93 each excluding vat

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Supercove (Lightweight Polyurethane Cove) 4mts x 127mm £6.93


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