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C-Caps Chimney Cowls: Priced from
C-Caps Chimney Cowls: Priced from The problems…
Left uncapped, disused chimneys are exposed to the elements, air-borne debris and nesting birds, it can also lead to expensive heat loss from the home.

The solution…
Fitting a C-Cap immediately solves these problems, potentially saving hundreds of pounds, fitting is simple and takes seconds

Designed to fit a standard round pot, the C-Cap provides 100% protection, whilst also allowing essential trickle ventilation of the flue which helps to minimise heat loss.

Available in two sizes, the smaller of which includes an optional insect screen for added protection from ingress by swarming bees, C-Caps are injection-moulded from tough, UV resistant, thermoplastic and provide a robust, long-lasting solution to the problem.

Held securely in place on the pot by galvanised steel spring wires, they are aesthetically complimentary to the traditional appearance of the chimney.

The standard 300mm C-Cap fits pots up to 11” external diameter and is supplied with an integral insect screen (use optional), to provide additional protection against swarming bees and nesting wasps.

The larger 350mm C-Cap is designed for 13” pots and does not include an insect screen.

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C-Caps Chimney Cowls: Priced from - Choose Your Required Size


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