Hallstone Bark Mulch, In a Jumbo, .6m3 Bag
Hallstone Bark Mulch, In a Jumbo, .6m3 Bag Colour: Mid-Dark Brown (Natural)

Coverage: Up to approx. 24m² at a depth of 25mm

An excellent, value for money bark mulch ideal for general purpose landscaping, providing ground cover, weed suppression and moisture retention; this is a natural product which can enhance the appearance and performance of landscaping schemes in many areas.

•Conifer Bark, predominantly Spruce – derived from an FSC Certified Sustainable Source
•White wood, normally within 15% of volume
•Free of Foreign Matter such as Glass, Plastics and any other Extraneous Materials
•Durable and Long Lasting - Free of Pests, Pathogens and Weed Seeds
•Attractive mid/dark brown colour with a pleasant odour
•Due to the nature of the product and screening process, occasionally oversize pieces of wood may occur, these can easily be removed at the time of installation

.6m3 Bag

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Hallstone Bark Mulch, In a Jumbo, .6m3 Bag £73.96


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