Roofing membrane (Felt) breathable 1.5mts x 50mts 105 g/m2: Price Ex VAT


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Breathable Roofing Felt / Membrane - 75m2 Roll


Breathable membrane prevent water ingress on roofs, and aims to prevent damp and mould.

  • Restricts any rain water that penetrates past the external finish
  • Performs as a breather material allowing any trapped moisture to escape

Breathable roof membrane is used in construction where tiles, slates, or external cladding are used. 

The breather membrane is used on the cold side of a roof’s insulation beneath the support for the tiles to prevent penetration of the structure. 

The three key functions of a breather felt (membrane) are for resistance to water vapour, water vapour permeability, and water tightness.

Current Brand: VENTIA

  • Size: 1.5mtr x 50mtr roll (75m2)
  • Gauge: 105 gm2