Protect Disused Chimneys With C Cap Capping Cowls In 2 Sizes 280mm / 330mm Colour Terracotta: Price Ex VAT


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C Cap Capping Cowl For Disused Chimneys 280mm / 330mm Terracotta

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Why cap disused chimneys?

Heat Loss

A disused chimney provides a route for heat loss, which can be minimised by capping-off a chimney, as recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Protection from the elements

Over the course of a year the UK weather can in general be relied on to deposit the equivalent of several ft depth of water into an uncapped chimney, where combined with the effects of frost action through the winter months it causes a steady internal deterioration of the fabric of the stack, and can give rise to major internal damp problems.

Nesting birds

Any unprotected chimney is prone to blockage by nesting birds which traps moisture in the chimney and blocks ventilation which prevents it drying out, they also cause an unhygienic mess.


In some areas grey squirrels present a real problem, potentially trapping themselves in an unprotected chimney where they can gain access to a home where serious damage can occur.

  • Sizes: 280mm, 330mm,
  • Colour: Terracotta
  • Material: Injection-moulded from tough, recyclable ABS thermoplastic, 
  • The C-Cap fits neatly over the chimney pot, where it is retained by galvanised steel spring wires.
  • It can be fitted to any standard round of appropriate size.
  • Simple fitment in minutes
  • Guarantees 100% protection against rain, snow, debris and nesting birds.
  • 300mm C-Cap fits pots up to 11” external diameter and are supplied with an integral insect screen (optional use), providing additional protection against bees and nesting wasps.
  • The larger 330mm C-Cap is designed for 13” pots and does not include an insect screen.
  • Pots need to be in sound condition, and a cracked pot should either be replaced or suitably strapped to allow insertion of the C-Cap retaining wires.
  • The C-Cap’s unique design allows continuous, trickle ventilation of the flue.