Stock Cube Chilli Penguin (Wood Only!) 5kw Woodburning Stove PRICE ON THIS ITEM INCLUDES 20% VAT


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Manufactured in Pwllheli, Wales, UK. 

The Stock Cube is a wood burning only stove. 

The wood sits on top of the vermiculite bricks on the base of the stove, there is no requirement for a grate. 

It has a generous fire box and sized for logs up to 300mm long, with a generous piece of glass offering a wonderful clear view of the flame pattern. 

The efficiency is 76.9%, an It is an Eco design stove also suitable for use in smoke control zones. 

There is a convection panel option.

How do convection panels work (optional for this stove)? 

The hot air created by heat from the stove’s bodywork expands making it lighter than the air outside of the stove, this then rises up inside of the convector panels, exiting from the top.

This is replaced by the cooler heavier air drawn in at the bottom of the panels which is in turn heated. 

The warmer and lighter air fills the room, while the colder heavier air being drawn in at the bottom of the stove will create a continuous heat cycle, which gently moves in air around the room.

The Stock Cube is beautifully simple to control with only one air control knob. 

This is both the air boost when fully extended, and finer control when eased inwards. #

It comes with an air control tool to help you judge the boost control, but can equally just be operated by hand. 

Wood burns far better on top of a bed of ash, but when you do want to empty it you just scoop it out from the base of the firebox. 

You can fit a small kettle or saucepan on the top surface, and if you regularly use the top plate there is an optional stainless steel top available, this sits on top of the stove and has a U shaped cut out to accommodate the flue.