Apex Composite Square (1) Side Decking Silver Birch 4.8mts x 20mm x 140mm: specially engineered lightweight PVC and bamboo core, capped in a hardened acrylic polymer shell, Apex TM performs better, and offers you a more realistic finish, than ever before 25 Year Warranty: Price Ex VAT


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EVA-LAST (Apex) Composite Decking Silver Birch 4.8mts Grooved 1 Side


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Eva-Last Apex® is a bamboo filled PVC deck profile with a tough ultra-durable engineered acrylic polymer cap, giving it the realistic look of timber decking without the environmental or maintenance drawbacks

Its grooved both edges work perfectly with HULK hidden deck fasteners for a neat finish, and efficient installation

  • Fire resistance Euroclass B FR rated
  • Top rated slip resistance
  • Apex® is a Euroclass B Fire Rated composite decking board which reduces the risk of fire damage
  • Manufactured using solar energy
  • Premium capping technology which creates a longer-lasting higher performance deck board
  • Specially engineered timber-like matte finish giving the most natural looking wood effect on the market
  • High performance bamboo & cellular PVC capping material which is the toughest in its class, creating an incredibly durable deck
  • Ultra low-maintenance as it requires no sanding, sealing or upkeep associated with timber decking
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Lightweight boards with grooved edges using HULK hidden fasteners, providing a stronger fix, easy installation, and requiring fewer fixings overall
  • Environmentally friendly product which is free from toxins and preservatives
  • UV, fade & stain resistant ensuring a durable and attractive deck for years to come
  • Barefoot friendly, slip, splinter, and crack resistant for safety
  • High scratch resistance for more worry-free versatility
  • Anti microbial composition and far less susceptibility to micro-organisms than timber decking
  • The highest screw withdrawal rating in its class, and lowest moisture absorption
  • Colours: Amarillo Oak, Silver Birch, Thermo Ash,
  • Finishes: Realistic sculpted grain pattern
  • Dimensions: 4.8mts long x 140mm wide x 24mm thickness 
  • Profile: Square (1) edge / Grooved (1) edge - with a required joist spacing of 300 mm
  • Material: Bamboo and pvc composite 
  • Weight: 2.40 kg/m 
  • Fasteners: 25 / m² (HULK S9) 
  • Certifications: FSC® 
  • Warranty: up to 25 years