Costs 50% Less Than The Same Volume Of Logs - Softwood Firewood Bargain BIG BAG! Clean Kiln Dried Produced by Ourselves From Reject Profiles Cut to 200mm Long Supplied in a Net Bag 12" Wide x 21" Tall x 8" Deep. It Isn't Pretty Like Logs But Who Cares With The Cost of Energy Being what it is: Price Includes Fuel VAT 5% / Coupon Code is void on this product!


More Details

Big bag of softwood firewood produced by ourselves from rejects,

Excellent value not pretty like logs but burns well,

Ideal for mixing in with traditional logs costs 50% less per volume in comparison to logs,

Product Information: Coupon Code is void on this product!

  • Mix with logs keep that fire burning cheaper & longer,
  • Kiln dried redwood pine,
  • There will be variations in the profiles supplied,
  • Does not! include treated timber,
  • Generous amount supplied,
  • Profile of timber supplied: rejects could be anything,
  • Supplied in net bag 21" high x 12" wide.