LOCAL DELIVERY / IN-STORE COLLECTION! 316 Class 1 Flexible Chimney Liner (125mm / 155mm Diameter) In Lengths of 5mts, 6mts, 7mts, 8mts, 9mts, 10mts, 11mts: Price Ex VAT


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Midtherm Midflex Flexi Flue Liner In Various Lengths x 125mm / 155mm Diameter

Stainless steel flexible flue liner manufactured in the UK

When installing the liner attention must be paid as 316L has arrows marked on the liner at every metre indicating the fume flow direction


Product Information:

  • Manufacturer: Midtherm UK
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 125mm / 155mm Diameter
  • Lengths: 5mts, 6mts, 7mts, 8mts, 9mts, 10mts, 11mts,

125mm x 5mts£86.30155mm x 5mts
125mm x 6mts
£103.56155mm x 6mts
125mm x 7mts
£120.82155mm x 7mts
125mm x 8mts
£138.08155mm x 8mts
125mm x 9mts
£155.34155mm x 9mts
125mm x 10mts
£172.60155mm x 10mts
125mm x 11mts
£189.96155mm x 11mts