Bathroom and kitchen pvc interior wall panelling (wide) finished in arctic sparkle 10mm thick x 1 metre wide x 2.4 metres long: Price Ex Vat


More Details

Geo-panel Arctic Sparkle 10mm x 1mtr x 2.4mts,

Can be installed in shower units quicker and easier than any other panelling or tile product on the market today,

Product Information: Geo-panel brochure.pdf

  • Manufacturer: Freefoam,
  • Suitability: Bathrooms, Kitchens,
  • Supplied in a sheet of finished PVC,
  • Finish: Arctic sparkle with shiny coloured silver, gold, blue, mauve, metallic shiny fleck design,
  • Background colour: Predominantly white,
  • Thickness: 10mm,
  • Width: 1 metre,
  • Length: 2.4mts.