Reinforcement Block Grids 492mm x 492mm a tough flexible revolutionary development in ground reinforcement it is tough, flexible and easy to install: Price Ex VAT


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Ground Reinforcement - Block Grids

Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs
Proven connection system
Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
Minimal maintenance
Non-slip and crack proof
Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
Frost and UV resistant
Dimensionally stable
Prevents gravel migration
Non expanding
Built in interlocking and fixing spikes

  • Dimensions 492mm x 492mm x 39mm 
  • Colour Dark Green Height 
  • 39mm Height with integrated spikes 64mm 
  • Required number 4.2 pcs per m2

    For use on
    Construction sites
    Green car parking areas
    Private lanes and access roads
    (Including emergency access)
    Pathways and drives
    Golf courses
    Equestrian and livestock facilities
    Green roof and rooftop gardens
    River and road embankments
    Private airfields