Mortar Tone (208 Powder) is formulated from high quality oxide pigments for the colouring of all types of mortars, renders, concrete and pointing, the pigments easily disperse into the mix allowing a uniform shade for each batch mixed; the dose can be adjusted to provide a wider variety of colour depths: Price Ex VAT


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Mortar Tone Cement Colour (Dye) 1kg,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/. Can I use Cement Colours with a lime mortar,
A/. Yes, but the lime may bloom to the surface or produce efflorescence which may lighten the colour,

Q/. Can I use Cement Colours to brush onto concrete?
A/. No these colours must be part of a proper sand / cement mix for them to work properly, if they are painted on to a surface they will simply wash off as they are inert inorganic pigments.