Corner flashing QuickSeam 216mm diameter: Price Ex VAT


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Corner Flashing Quick Seam 216mm - For Rubber Roofing


QuickSeam Corner Flashing is a 216 mm diameter round piece of uncured EPDM laminated to QuickSeam Tape. 

It is designed to flash the outside corners or to be used as a cover patch for repairs where needed.


EPDM surfaces and mating surfaces have to be prepared with QuickPrime Plus, using a QuickScrubber tool. 

Store the product at room temperature prior to using if exposed to temperatures below 15ºC for prolonged periods.


The use of a heat gun is recommended to warm QuickSeam corner flashing on cold days with ambient temperature below 5ºC. 

On normal days the preheating of the product is not necessary.


One piece per corner.

This product must be used with QuickPrime Plus using a QuickScrubber pad and handle.