Medallion turf is sold in a minimum of 86 Rolls (pallet) and is a high-quality, multi-purpose ryegrass/fescue turf for making a healthy, green, and hard wearing lawn / Roll size approx 1m² (Non Discount Product!): Price Ex VAT


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Turf - Rolawn Medallion 1m2 (86 Rolls Minimum Purchase)

Rolawn uses the highest quality blend of grass seed, which is sown on the most suitable soil type, combine this with highly evolved growing and harvesting techniques it produces an award-winning lawn turf that provides the most suitable turf for the UK climate. Medallion is the only turf in the world treated with the patented Profresh® system which extends its freshness, ensuring it arrives with you in prime condition.

Product Information:

Roll size: 1m2

Minimum quantity per purchase 86m2 (Non Discount Product) Please allow 3 days delivery minimum

Order any quantity over 86 rolls please check your measurements carefully!

  • A technically superior product that roots aggressively giving early establishment
  • With the correct maintenance it will provide many years of satisfaction
  • Easy to handle and lay
  • Medallion Turf stays fresh longer due to its harvesting
  • Contains cultivars with moderate shade tolerances
  • Each roll covers approximately 1m²
  • Dimensions when harvested are 610mm wide x 1640mm long and is cut to a depth of approximately 12.5mm
  • Approximate weight: 18kg
  • Can be laid at any time except from frosty weather
  • Turf has to be rolled out immediately in spring/summer and within 24 hours of delivery in the autumn/winter
  • Rolawn makes strenuous efforts for the minimisation of Annual Meadow Grass (AMG) in its turf, however some rolls may have a higher content than others due to circumstances beyond Rolawns control
  • Please view our delivery area prior to purchase