Fence post galvanised spikes bolt top 75mm x 75mm x 600mm long: Price Ex VAT


More Details

Galvanised Steel Spike Fence Post Supports 75mm x 75mm x 600mm Long,

Steel spike fence post supports hold the fence post above ground level, protecting the base of the wooden post against infestation and rot,
The tough steel spike, once driven fully into the ground, provides a secure and stable fixing for the fence post,

Product Information:

  • Check position of underground obstacles such as services before use,
  • Using a post driving tool and sledgehammer proceed to tap the support spike into the soil,
  • Use a spirit level and make frequent checks for horizontal and vertical alignment during installation,
  • Whilst doing this check the support spike doesn't twist out of alignment with the fence,
  • If a twist happens use the driving tool handle and twist it back into position,
  • Drive the spike into the soil until the box section rests just above ground level,
  • Insert the fence post and tighten the 2 bolts on the post support bracket.