Thunderbolt Fixings (With Eye) - Gauge 6mm, and 8mm in Various Lengths For Securing Into Masonry Such as Concrete, Stone, and Brick Supplied Individually: Price Ex VAT


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Thunderbolt Masonry Fixing - With Eye End

Thunderbolt™ is the original self tapping masonry anchor with the power to be used on a whole range of construction materials such as concrete, brick and stone.

It is a single piece, non expansion anchor, meaning that it does not require a wall plug or resin, and therefore makes it an ideal solution for close to edge fixing applications.

The threaded anchor and self tapping action allow for a safe strong anchorage, with the substrate becoming the nut to the bolt.

Installation is quick and easy, making it the ideal general purpose anchor which is versatile even in a temporary situation.

Truly versatile, Thunderbolt™ with hook is available in a zinc & yellow finish in diameters M6 and M8.

How Thunderbolts Work

  • Drill a hole the same size as the Thunderbolt™ into the masonry, ensure the hole is a little deeper than the bolt to allow for dust
  • Remove any loose debris from the hole.
  • Screw in the Thunderbolt™ with a suitable driver and apply a slight downward pressure to start the self tapping action
  • Tighten the Thunderbolt™ to secure the fixture firmly in place.

Diameters Available Eye Head Thunderbolts: M6, M8,