Rolawn Beds and Borders a High-quality, peat-free, organic rich topsoil with added controlled release fertiliser to aid plant growth supplied in a 0.5m3 crane off bag: Price Ex VAT


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Rolawn Beds and Borders Topsoil 0.5m3

Rolawn Beds and Borders Topsoil is a fertile, organic rich, light and friable topsoil that contains a controlled release fertiliser and a water retentive polymer.

The controlled release fertiliser provides balanced fertility to promote healthy establishment of shrubs, trees, plants and flowers. The water retentive cellulose polymer forms a water attractive film on the surface of the organic fibres in the soil; it holds water in and around the fibres until required by plants, when it is gradually released, resulting in reduced water consumption, improved growth rate and enhanced root development. During times of low rainfall this will significantly improve the efficient use of water within a garden.

Exceptional value - a bulk bag contains up to 50% more product than 1 tonne of ordinary topsoil.

Bag Size: approx. 0.5m3
Coverage: Up to 10m² at a depth of 50mm

Typically classed as a 'Sandy Loam'
Screened to 20mm
Peat free
Analysed to BS3882:2015
Contains a controlled release fertiliser
Contains a water retentive cellulose polymer
Light, friable and easy to use - even in wet conditions
Minimal stone content
Organic content typically 7%