Rolawn Soil Improver is a high specification, peat free soil improver, produced from natural ingredients which will enhance soil structure and fertility supplied in a 0.5m3 crane off bag: Price Ex VAT


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Rolawn Soil Improver 0.5m3

Rolawn Soil Improver is a natural soil improver, produced using a patented process, combining shredded straw compost with iron minerals. It has been formulated to improve soil structure, which will enhance the soils drainage characteristics and air and water holding capabilities, and significantly increase soil fertility, encouraging healthier plant growth.


■Peat free
■Dark brown colour
■pH is typically 6 - 6.5
■Minimal stone content

Bag Size: approx. 0.5m³ (500 litres) when packed
Coverage: Up to 10m² at a depth of 50mm.